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Smart Strategy for Dealing with a Interview

Burcu Kış
2 min readNov 9, 2021


I was talking with my client yesterday about interview. He was complaining that he could not been explained whole experiences to the interviewer. And he told me realized that he had been repeating achievements again and again but HR didn’t care! 🥺

So, the question is: “How we can be a more confident speaker in an interview?” 🤔

The keywords are “Know Yourself and Practice!” for sure. 😎

So I want to tell you the facts about interview processes:

Most candidates think that when they only speak (without being silent) in the interview, they give confidence to the interviewer. But the truth is, confidence begins with “hearing the words requested in the job description.”

By this I mean that you can provide the interviewer with a short professional summary containing the most frequently mentioned and requested words in the job description.

So, ⚠️ KEYWORDS are also just as much the first step in building confidence in the interview as they are in resumes. (⚠️ Remember the ATS algorithms: If you don’t mention “job-posts based” keywords in your CV, you can not be chosen for interview. And same in interview!)

In traditional HR clues: “Just speak up and let HR can’t ask you any question, that’s how you impress them.” → WRONG!

Imagine: How would you feel if you interview by someone who talk without making you talk and does not listen, or worse yet, he/she tell you about their experiences that didn’t work for you?

Well, what we learned?

1) Create your ATS friendly CV for getting an interview request!
2) Tell your “job description based professional summary”
3) Let HR talk and ask you the question about your experience.

Dialogue provides CONFIDENCE, because everybody wants to talk! Confidence gives you the DESIRE to speak, so you express yourself!

It’s really that simple.

The proof that this works is research results that show that 98% of being HIRED candidates have a “conversational interview” with the interviewer.

To discover many more surprising “secrets” that makes you “BEST” candidate just follow us! When you learn the right way, “JOB” is guaranteed. 🙋🏼‍♀️



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